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Albacom Ltd
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Welcome to Albacom, a leading high technology company based in Dundee Scotland, supplying industry worldwide.

Albacom Limited, formed as a Management Buy-Out in 1990, can trace its origins back to the Dundee division of Ferranti which was established in 1953 to manufacture TR-cells for the defence industry. Since then Ferranti Dundee and Albacom, a successor company, have supplied products into almost every major UK weapons platform over the last 30 years. These include surface and submarine naval vessels, aircraft, missiles and land-based systems.

Albacom has therefore accumulated decades of experience in the following technology areas.

• Microwave amplifiers and Travelling Wave Tubes (TWTs)
• Power Electronics 
• Interconnection Systems 

More recently, Albacom has diversified into non military markets where high reliability is paramount.

Albacom Microwave offers networks, output assemblies, filters and waveguide components to all sectors of the microwave industry.

Albacom Power Solutions offers product into areas as diverse as offshore oil and gas, ozone generation and induction heating.

In order to meet the demands of a highly discerning customer base Albacom has achieved Quality Assurance accreditation to ISO 9001:2008 (Registration No. FM30980).

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