Are you LOLER Compliant?

If you’re in the lifting business you will know that the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations, known as LOLER, are vital for keeping your workers safe and your business within the law.  These regulations came into force across the UK in 1998, but since the 1974 Health and Safety at Work Act, employers have had a duty of care to assess risks and keep employees safe.

 Most companies have a positive safety culture and are always advancing this. At Albacom, we understand these regulations thoroughly and work with our customers to help ensure they are LOLER compliant. Senior lifting engineer, Bruce Duguid has over 35 years’ experience in lifting services and shares his knowledge:

“Albacom’s lifting services division serves customers all over Scotland, from testing and examination of lifting equipment and accessories, to supplying new equipment.  I often visit client sites, or they can come to our workshop in Dundee.

“One of Albacom’s highly valued customers in its lifting division is Veolia Water Ltd, one of the UK’s leading environmental companies. Earlier this year, I travelled around Scotland carrying out thorough examinations of lifting equipment and accessories at Veolia sites. Over four weeks I visited 46 Veolia sites.

“A machine that is raising or lowering a load is referred to as lifting equipment and requires 12 monthly examinations. Anything between the load and the lifting equipment is referred to as a lifting accessory and requires six monthly examinations.”

“I make these periodic examinations to ensure that Veolia’s lifting equipment and accessories comply with the LOLER regulations. LOLER also requires that all equipment used for lifting is fit for purpose, appropriate for the job, suitably marked, and subject to statutory periodic thorough examination[3]‘. This thorough examination is part of my job.

“I’ve seen many things over the years related to Lifting and realise what we do is very important, employee safety is paramount and what we all aim towards improving. The frequency of these checks mean that I get to know my customers business really well and they come to depend on the reliability of Albacom’s highly skilled team. . It’s a pleasure visiting Veolia sites and sharing knowledge.”

Veolia Water across Scotland treat their lifting equipment very seriously as it vital for their business, in partnership with Albacom we have developed a Written Scheme, (part of LOLER). This has proved extremely successful and Veolia have now decided to use in other parts of the Scottish divisions.


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Jim Davidson, CEO Albacom Limited