Experiencing Offshore Europe for the First Time

When I finished my degree at Edinburgh University I joined Albacom as a Marketing Assistant. One of my first activities was to join the tens of thousands of visitors at Offshore Europe 2017 (OE 2017) organised by the SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers). This biannual event is one of the largest oil and gas exhibitions in the world and attracted more than 63,000 visitors and over 1,500 exhibitors in 2015.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, other than it was massively important for Albacom to explore new innovations and look for new ideas. I knew that all of the major offshore oil and gas innovators would either be exhibiting or attending, and that this was a huge opportunity for me, not only on a personal level but for Albacom to build new relationships with potential customers.

We had been planning for Offshore Europe for several weeks and I was excited to experience this key milestone in the industry calendar. The first day of the event was a real eye-opening experience. As a young graduate being introduced to the industry, I don’t think I had quite anticipated the sheer size of this event, or in fact, the scale of the industry in general with the various stages of exploration, production and decommissioning.
I arrived on day one and went for a quick walk of the floor to scope out who we wanted to speak to. I use the term ‘quick’ loosely, as navigating around five halls was definitely not a task that could be completed with speed! This exhibition is huge! The realisation of the vast number of opportunities within the industry became clear to me when moving from one booth to the next. From a marketing perspective it was really interesting to see how different companies presented themselves: how they set up their stand, the variations of marketing materials displayed and the array of pens/toys/sweets the list goes on!

The Albacom team attended Offshore Europe to find out about the latest industry innovations, and to meet potential and existing customers. Reflecting on my experience, my biggest learning was the value of networking, not just monetary benefits but also personally. This is not something that can be taught in a classroom, and as a young graduate, I have not had much experience of networking events. Meeting a diverse range of inspirational and successful people opened my eyes to how many opportunities there are in oil and gas for Albacom. It excites me that I am part of this journey as I start my career with Albacom, and I’m already looking forward to Offshore Europe 2019!

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it’s always been about the customer experience for me

Jim Davidson, CEO Albacom Limited