Lifting Equipment Testing

  We can test and certify your equipment to meet the requirements of LOLER regulations, as well as supply fully certified and ready to use lifting products whenever you need them. Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations, often referred to as LOLER, include a number of industry requirements which ensure that operations involving lifting equipment are properly planned by a competent person, appropriately supervised and carried out in a safe manner. Albacom’s compliance with LOLER regulations ensures its highly trained staff offer customers a safe and reliable service. We can offer a “Reminder Service”, where all your equipment is listed and stored on file to ensure that you never miss a renewal test date. Our custom built facilities include a four metre high crane, capable of testing loads of up to ten tonne. Please contact Our Lifting Engineers to find out how Albacom can meet your lifting requirements.

lifting equipment

Equipment Testing

  Load testingPeriodic examination and load testing of lifting equipment can be carried out at our custom built facility or on site by qualified engineers ensuring you are LOLER compliant. We also offer a mobile service to suit your requirments.

Hoist : Manual Chain

We have a stock of manual chain hoists, lever hoists, beam clamps, beam trolleys and wire ropes at our trade counter.

Hoist : Powered

Powered hoists are ordered to suit customer requirements. Please get in touch to  discuss your specific requirements.

Lifting tackle

Albacom can supply an extensive range of lifting tackle from stock which is fully certified and ready to use. Fall arrest equipment is also available at short notice.

Trade counter (Lifting Equipment)

All stock items are available from our trade counter. You can pick up and drop off your gear for testing and our experienced team are on hand to discuss requirements to offer the correct product. We also offer a mobile service.

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