Electronic Design & Manufacture

Our highly skilled staff offer a variety of specialist services to find the right electronic engineering solution for you. We don’t expect you to have the answers, that’s what we’re here for. Contact Our Engineering Experts to discuss your requirements and we will recommend the best approach to address your challenges. That might be a bespoke solution, or it may be that our experienced team have come across a similar predicament and can apply the lessons they have learned over their collective 180 year history. It all starts with a conversation - that’s true collaboration.

3 Axis Vibration Testing

From our custom built facilities Albacom can subject component and assemblies to various levels of vibration over three axis.

Autodesk Inventor

Our experienced designers use Autodesk Inventor 3D CAD  technology to model mechanical parts and assemblies.


Specialist capabilities to inspect internal bore down to 1.5mm internal diameter.

CMM Measuring

Our custom built facilities house a three axis machine capable of measuring the dimensions of machined components.

Contract Manufacture

From our custom built facilities we can offer an electronic assembly service ranging from PCB assembly (PTH & SMT) through to full equipment assembly and wiring.

Environmental Testing

We can subject components and assemblies to hot and cold temperature testing, thermal cycling, vibration over three axis, shock and bump testing.

Extensive Design Experience

Our collaborative approach offers PSU design for demanding commercial and military applications with output powers up to 2KW and output voltages up to 20KV.

High Voltage Testing

We have specialist testing facilities at our workshop in Dundee to carry out high voltage measurements up to 30KV DC or AC.

Laser Welding

Albacom has the expertise and specialist equipment to offer pulsed laser joining of metal assemblies  ranging from 0.05mm - 0.75mm.


Albacom's custom built facilities offer milling, turning, drilling, 10 Tonne press and spark eroder capabilities.

NAFI Connectors

Connectors variousAlbacom supplies Blade and Tuning Fork interconnection sockets and header connectors for defence and aerospace applications. NAFI (Naval Avionics Facility Indianapolis ).

PAT Testing

Our experienced team specialise in electrical testing of portable equipment (110 - 240 V AC).

PCB Assemblies

backplanesSpecialists in NAFI (Naval Avionics Facility Indianapolis), Backplane Assemblies, Ermet, VME Harbus press-fit connector assembly and general electrical assembly, get in touch to find the right solution for you.

Power Supplies LV & HV

High Voltage Power SupplyAlbacom specialises in high voltage power supplies for typical use with CRT displays, TWT's and industrial process applications . We can also supply low voltage power supplies with any combination of output voltages and currents to get the right solution for you.

Shock Testing

Controlled shock testing can simulate the effect of wear and tear on components and assemblies.


Our specialist equipment can test electrical components and assemblies to temperature extremes of -55⁰ to + 150⁰.

Tig Welder

Custom built facilities to offer gap welding of circular metal assemblies up to 1mm thick.

TWT Amplifiers

  Our specialist engineers design and develop TWTAs for use in radar electronic warfare and communications applications. Specification Sheets: AHPA-14-150_A | AHPA-10-2000 I AHPA-9-150_A

Vacuum High Voltage Encapsulation

Our custom built workshop has the necessary equipment to carry out vacuum encapsulation of electronic assemblies using epoxy resin or silicone rubber.

Vertical Hydrogen Furnaces

Our specialist equipment includes a high temperature hydrogen furnace for brazing and annealing of components (Temp. Max. 1200⁰ C).

Wound Components

TransformerFrom our custom built facilities we can design and manufacture low and high voltage wound components.

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