Microwave Design & Manufacture

Albacom has a strong track record of delivering high quality components for microwave assemblies from the design stage through to completed build. Microwave technology is the building blocks of many types of communications.Albacom’s experience in the defence sector delivers high quality products that are tested to ensure a reliable service in the most extreme conditions. Get in touch with Our Design Team to find out what Albacom can deliver.

Microwave Testing

Our microwave test facilities are capable of  frequencies up to 40GHz to ensure high quality and reliability.

Passive Components

  Magic-TeeAlbacom's experienced team can design and manufacture a range of passive devices including, but not limited to, WG-Coax adaptors, cross-guide couplers, loop couplers, branch guide couplers, high and low power terminations, E & H  plane bends, harmonic filters and  transitions.

Wave Guide

From our custom built facility we can design and manufacture High Power Amplifier output assemblies for use in Satcom applications.

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