Let’s Clear the Air: Ensure Your Extractor Fan is Working Efficiently

Posted On: 07/06/2018

Effective extraction is essential in any busy restaurant / takeaway kitchen so when one fails, it causes immediate issues with the environment, health and safe… [ Read More ]

Think LOLER Before You Lift

Posted On: 24/04/2018

Risk of harm to personnel increases significantly when working at height and when being lifted by machinery. Increased risk requires greater levels of safety control.… [ Read More ]

Managing Component Obsolescence in Military Aircraft

Posted On: 13/04/2018

For companies operating in the electronics manufacturing industry, component obsolescence has been an ongoing concern for a number of years. In a very competitive arena… [ Read More ]

Electric Motors: Repair or Replace?

Posted On: 29/03/2018

It’s always a major inconvenience when something stops working but especially when it threatens you meeting a deadline. A quick solution makes for a relieved… [ Read More ]

Why Are We Members of Scottish Engineering?

Posted On: 15/03/2018

By Rebecca Allan, Marketing Assistant, Albacom A search on Google quickly highlights Scotland’s long and proud tradition of engineering.  In the 1700s we had greats… [ Read More ]

“In Your Shoes” – Jim Davidson

Posted On: 28/02/2018

Jim Davidson is CEO at Albacom, a leading high technology company based in Dundee. Albacom specialises in providing electrical components for the global defence and… [ Read More ]

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